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Basic Guide To GDPR Compliance & Document Data Destruction - IDEAL Shredders

View our basic guide to the new EU General Data Protection Regulations (i.e. GDPR), which comes in to affect from May 25th 2018. Make sure you, and your business, are compliant for the safe destruction of data with our range of IDEAL German-made paper shredding machines.

Everyone in your business or organisation should be made aware of the new GDPR regulations. Your company's data protection policy should be updated for this new law, and the importance of adhering to the policy reinforced.

Review what data you hold, where it came from, how, when it’s updated and how long you hold it.

Both electronic and paper documents need to be considered, including QuotationsOrder ProcessingMailshot and Marketing Lists

Non-compliance with these new regulations could result in substantial fines of up to £20 million, or 4% of a company’s global turnover. If a data breach releases information relating to a group of people they could join forces against a business under the collective action initiative.

The ethical and secure disposal of private documents and records that are no longer needed is an important aspect of GDPR. This will also relate to the point when individuals/customers decide that they don’t want their information to be held any more.

Therefore when documents need to be erased/destroyed, you’ll need to find the safest and most reliable way that ensures they can’t be recovered.

This is where our professional, and reliable range of shredder machines can help. Our IDEAL document shredding systems offer a totally safe and secure means of destroying paper records (old and new).

We offer a wide range of shredders to help meet GDPR and data protection requirements, from small office, desk-side machines to larger bulk-shredding, department systems.

Please click here to view our GDPR recommended IDEAL shredder machine options, in which you can buy online, or contact our expert sales team direct for help and advice on which shredder model would best suit your requirements. Tel: 01945 463434 or email

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