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Fastback Binding Machines

Thermal strip binding machines that can bind up to 350 sheets within 20 seconds!

There are so many different binding solutions available on the market, so we thought we'd show you the benefits of the different binding methods you or your company can use, which will help you make the right decision when purchasing your machine over the next few months.

One extremely popular method is Fastback Binding. This machine has 6 different binding styles and works at a fraction of the time as wire binding, coil and plastic comb binding.

For anyone who needs a fast, full featured machine that is capable of binding in large quantities, the Fastback 20 is ideal. It has a quick and easy ONE-TOUCH function, that will bind up to 350 sheets for you within 20 seconds.

Fastback 20 Thermal Strip Binding Machine

The Fastback Strips come in a wide variety of colours and sizes allowing you to create your bound document to match your company's colours, and can also be accompanied with Colour Match Fastback Covers to complete the finished look. Image Strips allow you to print your own artwork or logos on the strip to customise your documents, or use Perfectback Strips to create paperback books! More strips are available to use with the Fastback range.

Fastback Strips

These Fastback Strips use a revolutionary thermal adhesive that creates strong, beautiful tape binding. No more pre-punching required! Each bound sheet is virtually locked into place from the sides, not just the edges, ensuring your Fastback bound document stays secure for years.

View our video below to see how easy Fastback Binding is:

For more information on the range of Fastback Machines and Fastback Strips available, please feel free to contact us!

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