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Guide Dogs For The Blind IDEAL 4860 Guillotine Upgrade For Large Print Books

CustomEyes (part of the Guide Dogs For The Blind Association) recently purchased a brand new IDEAL 4860 programmable guillotine, to upgrade their old 4850-95EP model. The guillotine is a key piece of equipment for re-creating various types of books, especially for children and young people up to 25 years of age who have a visual impairment or dyslexia.

From the Mr Men, to Harry Potter to Shakespeare, CustomEyes Books have something for everyone.

Guide Dogs' CustomEyes service produces tailor-made large print books for children and young people up to and including age 25 with a visual impairment or dyslexia. They support blind children and young people across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

You can choose from over 4,000 large print books with new titles being added monthly. Their books open up a whole world of imagination and learning, by enabling visually impaired children and young people to read the same books as their sighted friends and classmates. 

Books available include picture books, fiction, non-fiction, Oxford Reading Tree, GCSE and A Level English texts and textbooks, plus revision guides for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.

The books are tailor-made to suit each child or young person in the best:

  • font
  • font size
  • spacing
  • paper colour
  • binding (for example spiral binding so books lie flat)

CustomEyes supply both school libraries and local authority libraries with standard large print for their visually impaired and dyslexic members and can also customise large print books to suit. Click here to view CustomEyes Books website, and how they can help change children's and young peoples lives for the better:

Elmstok were very keen to help CustomEyes by offering a special trade-in offer against their old IDEAL 4850-95EP Guillotine, in which they had purchased more than 15 years ago. Their old guillotine was regularly maintained and well looked after, but it had come to a point where "faster production time was required and therefore an upgraded machine" (stated by Nigel, who is the manager of CustomEyes). This is where the new IDEAL 4860 Guillotine model comes in to its own, with its safety-curtain front-guard feature as well as the new upgraded program control-panel.

The older 4850-95EP model had a plastic front-guard which had to be lifted and closed after every cut had been actioned on it. Therefore production times were reduced from this. However, with the new 4860 model, you have a special safety-beam curtain and sensors which eradicated any lifting of a guard. This process will therefore save a lot of time and effort during their various types of cutting jobs. 

Nigel at CustomEyes said that their main guillotine cutting job is taking the bound spines off the edges of old books, so that each page can then be professionally scanned and converted to a much bigger text font size. The newly enlarged text is then printed to the customers specific requirements (i.e. paper colour, font-type, etc.), and then bound.

The recreated books are bound in various types of finish, including perfect-back binding, Fastback-strip binding, spiral-coil binding, and wire-binding. Contact Elmstok now for more information on our range of binding and print-finishing equipment and supplies. Tel: 01945 463434 or email

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