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IDEAL 4315 Guillotines Now Available At Low Prices - Recovered From Ex-Stationery Chain

We have recovered a number of IDEAL/EBA 4315 SRA3 electric paper cutting guillotines, from a large stationery company that recently went in to administration.

We have refurbished, and fully serviced, each of the guillotines with sharpened blades and new cutting sticks fitted to them.

The IDEAL 4315 has an electric blade-drive (i.e. via push-button operation), with a manual-clamp function. It also has the added benefit of having a red LED cutting-line-guide, and a digital cutting measurement (i.e. making it easier, and quicker, to cut your required size/s). The 4315 is perfect for cutting down from popular SRA3 formats, with its 430mm cutting length and its 435mm table-depth.

We have these pre-owned models currently available at different prices (i.e. based on condition, and with or without floor-stands). Contact us now for more details or click here to view our range online, along with other finishing machines that we have acquired.

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