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Is Your Guillotine Up To Health & Safety Standards For The New Year??

Has your paper guillotine been regularly serviced to meet Health & Safety standards? By law, your electric guillotine must have a 6 month inspection by a qualified & certified guillotine engineer. Elmstok offer this professional service on most guillotine models, depending on age, including the IDEAL and EBA range.

To ensure your guillotine complies with everything that HSE requires (please click this web-link to download the latest report from HSE website -, you must have a 6 month service inspection by a qualified and certified guillotine engineer.

This is to ensure that you, as an employer, are fully covered and not liable should an accident ever occur (although, more importantly, the risk factor of an accident occurring is reduced significantly if your guillotine is regularly serviced). Just like a MOT on your car, a guillotine requires a health check.

We offer UK nationwide coverage for both manual and electric IDEAL/EBA (Krug & Priester German manufactured) guillotine models, if they have been manufactured from 1995 onwards.

We offer different levels of guillotine service maintenance to suit your specific needs, whether you are a light-user or heavy-user. We also offer trade-in deals and upgrades for both brand new and pre-used guillotine models. Please click the following link to view our latest range of pre-owned guillotines on our website, which include actual working demonstrations of the fully serviced guillotines -

We are also currently offering a FREE brand new spare blade and cutting stick with every pre-used guillotine purchase during January & February only.

However, if you are after the brand new latest guillotine models including the IDEAL 4860,with safety-beam front guard and touch-screen keypad, then please click the following link to view our wide range -

Our standard guillotine service contract includes the following:

  • 2 calls per annum (i.e. every 6 months, or there abouts).
  • Basic guillotine training & certification.
  • Health & Safety compliance and tests (i.e check safety switches, guards, fault-finding, etc.) to meet HSE requirements.
  • Lubrication of gears, blade-runner, back-guage, and other key parts.
  • Blade re-grinding and return service.

Contact us now if you require any further details or help - email or phone 01945 463434.

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