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Health & Safety

Please view our range of health and safety equipment and supplies, which include air-purifier machines, gloves, face-shield visors, signage, etc.

Our latest Sticky-Back High Clear Laminating Pouches are perfect for using on most flat surfaces, to help provide details and instructions to individuals. With a high-clear protective laminate front and a peelable backing sheet you can help make your notice, sign, poster, or advert standout instantly.  Simply feed through any hot-seal pouch laminator machine and adhere to your surface. Perfect for windows, doors, metals, machines, etc.

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BSI Approved Ambidextrous Powdered Latex Gloves Medium (100)

Our Price: £12.00 ex VAT

Save £3.90 | Was £15.90

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Cashmere Ambidextrous Powdered Latex Exam Gloves Large (100)

Our Price: £12.90 ex VAT

Save £4.05 | Was £16.95

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Filter Cassette Cartridge For IDEAL AP45 Air Purifier

Our Price: £105.90 ex VAT

Save £2.10 | Was £108.00

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HIGH-CLEAR A3 Sticky-Back Laminate Pouches 150Mic (100)

Our Price: £39.90 ex VAT

Save £9.00 | Was £48.90

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HIGH-CLEAR A4 Sticky-Back Laminating Pouches 150 Micron (100)

Our Price: £29.70 ex VAT

Save £9.00 | Was £38.70

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IDEAL AP45 Air Purifier For Indoor Office & Home

Our Price: £349.50 ex VAT

Save £20.50 | Was £370.00

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Renz PPE Professional Protective Face Shield Visor (50)

Our Price: £499.50 ex VAT

Save £150.00 | Was £649.50

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View our professional range of IDEAL, German-manufactured, air purifier systems to help improve your office and/or home.
You can't always see it or smell it, but indoor air is full of fine particles and pollutants, including pollen (i.e. hayfever sufferers), dust, tobacco smoke, cooking fumes, etc.

All of these adversely affect air quality in a visible way, but what about viruses, bacteria or mould spores? They spread, unnoticed, between rooms, just like gases, fine particulates, odours, particles from furniture, carpets and electronics too. Each of these can pollute the air a considerable amount.

We ourselves also have a significantly negative impact on the air quality. We use oxygen and release carbon dioxide, water vapour, excess heat and body odours into the environment.

Poor air is a real burden that you can make you sick. Regularly sitting inside in poor quality air has many serious and lasting effects on our body and our health. Especially when you consider that every person takes a breath around 14 times per minute and 20,000 times a day.

IDEAL air purifiers can help remedy all this and are therefore an essential piece of equipment in modern offices and private spaces. Thanks to the IDEAL devices, the air quality is noticeably improved, creating an environment that is free from pollutants, where people naturally feel better, are more productive and focused on their work, and are ill less often too. The IDEAL air purifiers have also been certified as an allergy-friendly product by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation and stamped with the ECARF Seal. View our range below.